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Video Editor

Referencia: #62523

Localización: Barcelona

Our client is a training company focused on 3 areas:

Health and wellness: Improve your physical and mental health with information based on the knowledge and experience of nutritionists, trainers and health professionals.

Finance: Develop the key skills and strategies to take control of your financial situation. Learn the system that best suits you to save, increase and multiply your income, advised by the best professionals and experts in each sector.

Personal development: Discover the unlimited potential that is in you and learn to master it to achieve all your personal and professional goals.

They offer monthly subscription the following advantages:

  1.  Unlimited access to your library of digital courses in the 3 reference areas: health and well-being, personal development and finance.
    Webinars and live masterclasses every week.
  2. Additional resources and downloadable materials to deepen learning and improve results.
  3. Tools designed to speed up the learning process and improve your results.
  4.  Incorporation into a global community of students of different nationalities with whom experiences are shared to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge.

The video editor will be in charge of the post-production of the videos for the  learning platform; he/she will have to empower the video content through up to date tools and styles, counting on both technical and creative skills, and will have to keep on top of latest industry developments & technologies, ensuring consistent creative standards are met.

You’ll think like a publisher and be able to iterate our Brands Social Playbook and Brand Social Identity guidelines on a daily basis, being able to research, create, produce and edit your own “thumb stopping” short-form content.

Working to a ‘planned’ and ‘planned re-active’ schedule your storytelling ability will be your strongest trait, ensuring our content has the ability to cut through the noise of social media and rival the very best the internet has to offer.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Researching, planning, and developing short-form and shorterthan- short-form stories for social. This could include moving image, photography, graphics and written word. (You’ll have natural strength in two of these)
  • Creating returnable content formats and features that help to build audience loyalty and repeat viewing.
  • Localisation of content for key markets
  • Helping to handle critical deadlines and short turnarounds in a fastpaced ‘social newsroom’ environment
  • Editing, implementing motion graphic templates, colouring andmixing, and delivering per specifications with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects)
  • Interact collaboratively and take direction from a CMO and acquisition manager, as well as working independently.
  • Procuring, managing and archiving assets from various touch points around the business
  • Developing micro-formats for news, features, how-to,videos
  • Working with influencers on the co-creation of content (bloggers. Instagramers, Youtubers, twitches etc)
  • Troubleshoot technical issues in the facility and solve them in a time-critical manner.

Qualifications & Skills required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a Multimedia field.
  • +2 years of professional experience in a post-production role.
  • Full proficiency in English.
  • Ability to own end-to-end design process from initial concept to final implementation.
  • Creative thinker and attention to detail.
  • Solid organizational skills to meet deadlines on time.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

We offer:

  • Competitive remuneration based on the expertise provided
  • Career plan to grow and evolve within the company.
  • Specific social benefits